Sunday, July 29, 2007

Life Interrupted

As depressing and sad as it is, I have to recommend you watch “The Bridge”. Filmmakers aimed several cameras at the golden gate bridge and captured a dozen people jumping to their deaths over the course of a year. Friends and family members were interviewed after the fact and give detailed accounts of the situations behind the suicides. It’s fascinating to witness the jumpers in their last moments and even more so to learn about their lives prior to their death. Suicide and death is a very taboo subject and rarely approached as unedited and raw as it is in this documentary. There’s no escaping the truth in “the bridge”, suicidal people are driven by emotional forces we can’t fathom. This was evident as the camera focused in on their faces as they stepped off the bridge and carried out their mission. The Golden Gate Bridge is host to dozens of suicides every year. For obvious reasons, the city of San Francisco feverishly tried to stop the release of this documentary, but was unsuccessful. The film crew redeemed themselves by calling the bridge authorities when they saw a jumper prepare to go over, they were successful in thwarting several suicides as a result.

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