Monday, July 30, 2007

Are you a Pepper?

I just made an interesting discovery in our office refrigerator. Dr. Pepper is the red headed stepchild of sodas in my office. We stock our fridge with drinks every week and rarely do the Dr. Peppers run out. Diet Coke, Dasani, Coke Regular and Sprite dry up like a Texas creek in summer but the Dr. Peppers just sit there begging to be chosen. I took one today and drank it. I’m not a huge Dr. Pepper fan, even though every Texan will remind you that it was created right here in the Lone Star State. It’s funny; Dr. Pepper is kind of a regional thing. Many places in the north/northeast don’t have it and when you ask for one they will counter your request with “We don’t serve that, but we have root beer”. Root beer? It doesn’t taste anything like root beer.

A couple of unknown Dr. Pepper facts.

- It is the OLDEST soft drink in America. Created in 1885 in Waco Texas.
- Some people heat it up on the stove in the winter and drink it like hot chocolate.
- Dr. Pepper is KOSHER

Evidentially Dr. Pepper cans have a 9-month shelf life. If things in my office continue this way, the cans in our refrigerator will test that theory. I may try to import some of the soft drinks I grew up with in the deep south. The True redneck aficionados among us will know what Cheerwine and Sundrop is.


the doc said...

The greatest and least healthy duo of all time: An RC Cola (Pronounced an R-ah C Cola) and a Moon Pie.

Cary said...

RC and Moon Pie? *swoon*

Oh, and I'm totally a pepper. It's what goes quickest from my "mixers" fridge.