Monday, December 26, 2005

A MAC in a PC World.

So as I explained a few posts back, I put together a comprehensive chirstmas wish-list of items I would have been delighted to see under the old tree. This being the first Christmas without Mr. Man in 5 years, I was a worried that I would get stuck with things I didnt need (which is a nice way of saying, "shitty gifts"). Living with someone every day of your life presents a lot of opportunity to drop hints, and get a first person account of what he/she is eyeying in the stores. When it comes to your parents, with whom you havent lived in over 15 years, it's much more challenging to be spot-on when gifting is appropriate.

My painstaking excel spreadsheeting has payed off. I got what I wanted. All things that will have a very practical purpose in my everyday life. The piece de resistance was a new computer (on which im typing right now). I included it on my list not thinking my folks would actually spring for it. But they did and im excited to announce that I have officially taken the deep dive into the world of Macintosh. I have been eyeing my friends Mac for a couple of months now and really liked the functionality of it. Its pretty, small and makes me feel smarter for some reason. Maybe its because the people I see in coffeshops and airports who are using macs appear to be that early-adopter, smart-glasses, fuck-the-world-im-standing-outside-the-box kinda people. Who doesn't want to join their study group?

So fuck you Bill playing on Steve Jobs team now!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

How Jason Got His Groove Back.

Since severing the agonizing 5 year relationship I found myself in with Mr. Man, I have been meeting guys, dating guys, sleeping with guys, doing all the things 'married' people want to do with someone other than who their with. Dating in Austin is difficult. It's a college town. It breeds an endless supply of 20 somethings who are typically only interested in guys their own age (which is fine with me, not into college boys) . And on the flipside, it breeds an endless supply of 30/40 somethings who allow thier self-esteem/age issues to ravage their better judgement and they only chase the 20 somethings, completely ignoring thier own age group. I've never seen a larger group of people self-select themselves out of their own dating pool. Im consistently amazed at how these guys can rationalize their "dating preferences" and not once think to themselves that it's not a good idea to date someone 1/2 their age who still drinks on his parents dime. Those situations working out are few and far between. Live and learn guys.

I have dated all over the board here. Yes, some 20-somethings..but mostly just for sex. Some 30 somethings and even a 40-something or two. Right now im seeing a 20 something. A 26-something to be exact. He's a law student who was displaced by Hurricane Kartina and is attending UT this semester. He's intelligent, attractive, well adjusted, fun and most importantly totally into me. I have done the obligatory introduction to my friends and recieved their seal of approval. Everything checks out. I enjoy his company tremendously, and am not looking forward to the end of this semester when he will be returnng to whats left of New Orleans to continue his studies at Tulane.

It seems really easy for gay men to become victims of circumstance with regard to their relatinships. 2 career oriented men trying to forge a relationship in the same time and place is difficult. I had this challenge with Mr. Man. We had to come to a mutual decision whos career would take precedent and we made life/relationship decisions based on that outcome. We moved twice (to different states) to accomodate his career. When his career stalled and mine took off, the plan was to start accomodating my career. Unfortunately, when it came down to actually doing that, and a move was in order, he backed down. I dont think he could handle watching me succeed past him professionally. I had job offers from each corner or the globe and he had a hard time getting an interview. The dynamic in our relationship changed dramatically, and in the end, he couldnt handle not being the bread winner. Im sure theres some sort of social-dynamic study in all of this. Gender roles perhaps? Whatever modern psychiatry can do to explain it doesnt alleviate the hurt it caused.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

An E-Christmas Miracle

Ok, so im 31 years old and my mom STILL asks me what I want from Santa Clause every Christmas. As if that's not embarrasing enough, My parents actually never officially told my sister and I that Santa Clause does not exist. In fact, we both believed in it until an embarrassing age (I'll never tell). When you're from a small town in the south, you'd be surprised what you'll believe and equally as surprised at the age you'll reach before you realize you're the only one who still believes it.
I digress. So since my folks still live in Small Town X, and the nearest Mall/retailer-Worth-A-Damn is over an hour away. Sourcing Christmas gifts that wont immediately find their way into the re-gifting closet can be a challenging dilemma. Since both my parents still work, that further decreases the chances that they'll get up off their asses and drive an hour away to a town that has stores that don't sell chicken feed and bloodworms.
I leaned pretty quickly that saying "Mom, I don't need anything this year" doesn't work either. That will assuredly result in a gaggle of gifts under the tree, the likes of which probably sat on the shelf right next to the chicken feed and bloodworms. So, starting last year, I made an executive decision. Since my parents insist on getting me things for Christmas, I will assist in making sure those gifts are usable, wearable, likeable, and generally ok. To accomplish this, I have devised an interactive Christmas list (using excel) that clearly presents the items which I am most interested in at the moment. I subdivide the list into like items and cross divide that by price point. But wait, I don't stop there, I also include a weblink to the shopping cart I have pre-set up with the items I want from each particular retailer. Of course size, color, monogram, etc are all also included neatly by column. Now, my mom can simply click directly through to and get me that cashmere smoking jacket I've been eyeing this year rather than wasting her money and my time on an item purchased locally that I have no intention of ever using.
I realize how this must sound, like im an unappreciative spoiled asshole who doesn't understand the true meaning of Christmas. Well, maybe you're right. But atleast I'll get to feel bad about myself in a cashmere smoking jacket rather than a saddlebred poly-nylon blend blazer. Talk about adding insult to injury....

Friday, December 02, 2005