Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Realtor Ridiculousness

New Car�New Title�what�s missing?�.New House� That�s right folks�yet another botched real estate deal under my bell due to realtor incompetence. This ones going to make its way to the State Board of realtors courtesy of, um, myself. I�m almost 100% positive I got inched out over cost, after a contract was singed. That�s a no no! So I�m homeless�I have a houseful of furniture slowly making it�s it�s way to Austin from Central America and no where to put it when it gets here. Maybe it will have to join my other things already in storage here so my storage costs will officially become insane. I�d love that�What I do know is that I�m tired of playing this ridiculous game here in Austin. I have all but lost all respect for all local realtors. If they aren�t money grubbing, opportunistic A-holes�they are doing a fine job of acting like them.

Now, I need to make a groveling phone call to the place I passed up last week�I hope his sense of pride wont supersede his need for $$.

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dcmasshole said...

All realtors are alike. Don't worry I don't think pride will get in the way of money. If it is still there, he/she will probably want to sell. A lot of people up here are taking their property of the market and renting. To many people speculated and they are now paying for it.