Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Tribute To My Namesake

Picture it.. Houston, 1998.. there I was pretending to work out at the Q on Post Oak and this strange blonde fellow named Rob comes up to me and asks me if he could use the machine I was leaning on at the time. I obliged, and there started a strange friendship that has stood the test of time, distance and a name change (Ill get to that). So my new friend Rob, another bud named Jason F and yet another friend named Jason W all become fast friends. Among our friends we were affectingly referred to as the �Jason�s (�and rob)�. So there we were three Jason�s and one Rob W living and learning in the big city of Houston. As time moved on, we all went our separate ways and I lost touch with Rob.

Fast forward to 2002. I�m living miserably in South Florida and my then boyfriend and I decide to check out the Ft. Lauderdale GLBT Expo. While were there, there was a huge poster advertising the musical performance acts that day and low and behold I saw Rob�s face smack dab in the middle of it. BUT�the name under his face didn�t say Rob� it Said Jason. AND he had a singing sidekick named Demarco. They were called Jason and Demarco. In shock and awe, I made my way to the stage after their performance and we enjoyed each others company for a short while. I came to find out that the name change was in tribute to the �Houston Jasons�, which of course included myself. So if I die tomorrow, I can claim that I played a small part in the making of a Gay-Christian-Spirit-Pop-Crossover duo that�s taking metropolitan community churches and local gay bars by the balls. Figuratively of course.

Anyway�in a tribute to my old friend Rob..�here�s a promo for the documentary film about their lives...

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JohnInAustinTX said...

Can you get tickets to the premier? I can't wait for brunch. haha