Thursday, December 28, 2006

Reach Out and Forget Someone

My mom asked me tonight if I have heard from a certain ex BF recently. As I replied no, I realized how strange it is that neither he nor I have made the effort to reach out to each other in over a year. He is just simply not a �keep in touch� person and I honestly don�t think about him enough to remember to. That being said, after our conversation, I started thinking about the 4 years we spent together, realizing that despite our many and varied differences, we had a pretty good thing going for while. It�s funny how time tempers emotions and helps push memories back over to the positive side. Our breakup was relatively painless and absolutely called for. It ended my misery and helped set certain important things in my life in motion. That being said, It does bother me that he does not feel compelled to keep in touch.

While wondering how people can detach themselves from those kinds of situations so easily, I realized that�s exactly what I�ve done. So I�m throwing stones in a glass house here I guess. Moving forward, I only involve myself with people who I feel are post-relationship contact-capable. I�m tired of carrying all of the keep-in-touch weight.

Francisco calls me internationally twice a day, everyday. Yes, it�s too much�but I don�t mind right now. It�s nice to know that despite your relationship being over, you can still connect as human beings who shared an important life experience. It's worth the $5.00 a minute.

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