Thursday, November 02, 2006


So today I find out what (if any) my involvement with my company will be after the major corporate restructuring that�s been occuring over the last month. All indications are that big changes are taking place from the top levels down. We have already received one �resignation announcement� from the Director of Marketing of our parent (public) company this morning, so clearly today has been earmarked as D-Day.

I�m sure given my title, my job here in serious Jeopardy. While I have mixed feelings about that I feel confident that the company will do the right thing in regards to contract/severance buy-outs. Knowing there is still over 100 million dollars in the bank, I�ll have a hard time stomaching a stingy deal.

I�m anxious as hell..but glad that after today I will be able to sleep knowing what my professional destiny is�My personal life here in central Amercia�well that�s a bit more complicated.


JohnC said...

I am glad the stress of uncertainty is about over for you ... I know if anyone will pull through this it is you. You rock Jason and I know you are going to do well no matter what they throw at you.

amy said...

Hey Darlin',
Buck up little buckaroo. Thinking about you today.

In the interest of killing time, I thought you might like this...

the doc said...

Just remember what Mr. Litton said about you many years ago. You're still smelling like a rose. You are Teflon coated.