Monday, November 06, 2006


One farewell dinner down�several more to go. The good-bye�s have begun here in Costa Rica as the team I�ve been working with slowly disbands and relocates their lives back to the United States. My boss and his lovely wife leave on a jet plane tomorrow morning to begin the next chapter in their lives. I mention them specifically as they were both integral in making this opportunity a reality for me. Kerri provided many services to the company including recruiter, relocation specialist and the distribution of general fabulousness. Scott glued together the Marketing team and helped buffer the never ending organizational chaos from me and my colleagues. We had dinner at my house and enjoyed each others company for one last time here in Costa Rica. I know I�ll see them both again, and probably very soon. They have temporarily moved to Dallas and I�m a sucker for that town. The combination of hairspray, cowboy boots and attitude always provides a memorable experience thats usually accompanied by a nasty hangover.

Until we meet again: Do videnja�Aloha k�kou�Ciao!

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Kerri Butler said...

I think you spread some faboulousness yourself last night - Dinner was awesome!
We miss you already! See you in the big D soon!