Friday, September 07, 2007

Kawobunga Rarotonga

We have managed to squeeze a 4-day trip to Rarotonga into our Australia/New Zealand trip itinerary this Christmas. Rarotonga is an extremely remote destination in the Cook Islands just past Tahiti in the South Pacific. All accounts indicate that we may have stumbled upon Paradise on earth. Very few people visit there and as a result it's unspoiled and extremely economical. We are renting a bungalow on the ocean and will enjoy being the last people on earth to celebrate New Years Eve 2007 as it lies just before the international date line waaaay out in the south pacific. I can't think of a better way to celebrate. Rarotonga Yall!

1. They use a 3 dollar bill
2. Survivor was filmed there in 2004
3. 9,000 people live there now, and the population is shrinking.
4. Homosexuality is viewed as a natural way of life, as it is in most of Polynesia.
5. Cell phone service was non existant until 2005

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