Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Checks and Balances

Who the hell still writes checks in a grocery store and why? Just use your damn debit card. Please don’t counter me with some bullshit “I like to keep a record” response. You can still keep a record of your spending when you use your debit card. Just write down the amount in a ledger when you use it (just like you do with checks). Not to mention it virtually erases the posibilty of a bounced or returned check. I demand answers from the check writing public.

I lived in a third world country last year and EVERYONE there used debit cards. Checks were non-existent. People in Europe and Asia are using their cell phones to pay for things now.. Just point it at a drink machine or train ticket dispenser and the funds are automatically taken out of your checking account. Why are Americans so behind on the electronic payment phenomenon?


the doc said...

OK, so why do you care? Where were you held up in a check-out line and got your shorts in a twit?

Kelly Love said...

One time I had to write a check at a grocery store because my case with debit and credit cards had been stolen and I was waiting for new everything. I almost died from embarrassment, then the lady behind me asked the cashier to split her crap into three piles: one for cash, one for food stamps, and one for WIC - and wanted it all rung up separately. I felt better.