Monday, January 08, 2007

A Whisky Tango in Tulsa

I spent this past weekend in Tulsa Oklahoma and had a fantastic time despite the 3.2 alcohol content beers. MN did a bang up job of introducing his fair city to us. We had some good food, met his prairie-fab friends and generally enjoyed ourselves there in the buckle of the Bible belt. Sometime I think bigger/smaller towns are just my size. Small enough to rise to the top quickly, big enough to keep you interested for more than a month. I did leave with house envy; M�s place is exactly what I�m looking for here in Austin�except $250,000 cheaper.

We saw THIS monstrosity from a distance. Oral Roberts �vision from god� was the tallest hospital in the world for a long time. It�s always great to see crazy immortalized in steel and glass. I also learned that Oklahoma is home to the only skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that was ever built. He called it �the tree that escaped the forest� because it was built literally on the prairie in Bartlesville and its design relied on one central core (or trunk) that was sunk into the ground like a root. Not my style, but fascinating nonetheless.

I�m glad I visited the Sooner State; Oklahoma had long been on my shit list. Ever since I spent a scary weekend in a tent on a mountain with a guy who admitted to having sex with his own brother, but that�s another story in and of itself

Tulsa A Gays

There aren't words...


JohnInAustinTX said...

No, there aren't words! Some warning would have been nice! haha

MN said...

Glad you guys had fun. I just knew you would!

Colin Drysdale said...

Why didnt you call me to join you guys?