Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Life as I know It..

I fell asleep tonight when I got in from work and woke up about an hour ago. I didn�t know where I was�I actually had to think a minute about where I was. Finally realizing I�m in Washington. I stay in this hotel so much sometimes I can�t remember which trip I am on. I this is my fifth trip since the first of December and its not stopping here. I fly back to Austin on Friday morning and fly out again Friday night for Chicago. I return on Sunday and leave for Los Angeles on Tuesday and return back to Austin on Tuesday. I have scrapped a one day trip to San Francisco the following Saturday in hopes of catching my breath. Then I�m back in Washington the following Monday for a week. I�m not even thinking about the trip overseas I have to take for work soon after that. It�s gotta stop sometime soon. I don�t know where I belong anymore.

I finally got word today that my furniture has cleared customs in Houston and is ready to be shipped to Austin. Of course I have to be there to accept it which can�t happen until next week. I have been given a hard deadline of this Friday to accept the things from US customs or I have to start paying a daily storage rate. Of course the rate is compounded by like 100 because its all sitting in an international shipping container that has been scheduled for a return trip to South America. I still haven�t found a place in Austin to put any of this stuff, so I�m going to have to rent a second storage unit at the same place which will triple my monthly storage cost until I can move it all out into a house. SO, after I land on Friday im going directly to the storage place to sign the contract and hopefully meet the movers when they arrive. Let them in the unit, sign off, go wash some clothes at CH�s, and get back to the airport by 6 for my flight to Chicago.

I�m still getting ridiculous rental proposals. I even had someone try to pull a Nigerian Bank Account scam with a real estate twist (ill share that email soon). All of that and No legit offers. This is insane. I really need to call 20/20 and persuade them to take a break from catching child predators on camera and focus on the Real Estate insanity for a minute. I think people would be just as shocked.

40 Flight Segements Dec 1 through Feb 1:


dcmasshole said...

Hopefully, we will not have a similar episode with a Costa Rican Scorpion as the gentlemen from VT did on his plane.

the doc said...

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