Saturday, October 28, 2006

Feeling Normal

When you find yourself living abroad, especially in a place like Costa Rica, you will soon come to realize that reminders of home go a long way. These reminders start out pretty small. Movies in English, familiar products in the grocery store, and they grow over time to larger things like Lunch at the fancy Marriott and visits to EPA (the Costa Rican equivalent of Home depot.) Wal-Mart has just broken ground in several locations throughout San Jose, so I�m sure once completed that too will become a haven of normalcy for the ExPats. While things here are drastically different from what Im used to in the States, the longer im here the more normal things seem. Waiting in lines everywhere, livestock and children in the roads, horrendous drivers, the rain, all of these things have become part of my daily routine. I have my �people� here too. The guy who pumps my gas, the grocery clerk who packs my car and the girl who checks me out at my favorite discount store. They now all recognize me and it makes me feel more at home here. My security guard Ramon, my maid Lorrena and our driver Christian complete the �welcome home� trifecta. All of these people and places provide a sense of belonging for me here in Central America.

As October 31st approaches and my professional engagement here hangs in the balance, I feel conflicted about potentially leaving this all behind so soon. On one hand, im looking forward to rediscovering my fantastic life in the States, but on the other, I feel like I�ve just now found my groove here in Costa Rica. This whole experience was meant to serve as my swan song. That one final �crazy� opportunity taken before pushing my professional and personal life to a new, more permanent level. I don�t think im ready to throw in the towel just yet. Of course none of this is up to me at this point.

Whatever the outcome on Tuesday, I�m glad I took this opportunity. I have learned a great deal about myself and I�ve grown professionally as well. The people I work with and the ones I have met here along the way are all fantastic and unique in their own ways. Our shared experiences here will impact our lives forever and if that�s all I leave with Im still coming out ahead.

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