Thursday, June 22, 2006

Conquering America, Missing Costa Rica,Thinking about Europe

Thoroughly enjoying my trip to the us except for the fact that I have been stricken with an all out Allergy assault. My eyes are killing me and my nose wont stop running. I’ve let my facial hair grow out some to cover the redness on my neck and cheeks. Im sure the minute I lift off the ground on Monday It’ll miracously go away. I hate that.

I’ve peppered my visit with business and pleasure, shopping for American essentials and configuring my baggage for the electronics contraband I plan on taking back into Costa Rica. Im excited to be smuggling in a Tivo, as DVR’s are non existent there. I wont be able to enjoy the Tivo Service (not available in Central America), but will be able to enjoy the DVR features. Oprah and I will be back on speaking terms this time next week.

As expected, I’ve missed some parts of Costa Rica and others not. Francisco has called me everyday, twice a day. I think it’s safe to say he misses me. I let him stay at my house, he’s been sleeping with my shirt wrapped around a pillow. It’s cute and sad all rolled up into one. Needless to say I’m looking forward to seeing him. Im Not looking forward to the non air-conditioned existence I live there.

So Stratocade and JohninTexas and I have finally planned booked our trip to Europe in August. Thanks to Strotocade’s Airline Mastery, we are good to go on our $33.00 biz class fares to Rome. We spent hours figuring out intra Europe cities, airfares and hotels, and have finally put it all together.

Here’s the Iten:

All in 17 days. Which will only put a dent in my 6-weeks of vacation I get from work, just insane. I’m looking forward to this trip because it’s not Europe on 5 dollars a day, but a well choreographed, 5-star experience thanks to Stratocades international travel acumen and Mr. Big Stuff influence.


the doc said...

Short, uninformative post.

MarcVonLakeWorth said...


StratoCade said...

Sorry to see you leaving the StratoHilton so soon. Come back anytime.


the doc said...

O.B., N.C. Aug. 2006?

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