Thursday, June 15, 2006

Coming to America to get Lemons.

Like Eddie Murphy, Im Coming to America tomorrow for an extended biz trip. Im hitting San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Boston and of course Austin.

Top 5 Things im looking forwad to:

1. Seeing my friends
2. Air conditioning
3. Television thats not subtitled
4. Paved Roads
5. The Sun (haven't seen it in almost a month)

I'll be towing my 2 gargantuan suitcases for transporting contraban back into Costa Rica. Things like home electronics, bed sheets, medicine and lemons..Yes Lemons, they dont frickin' grow here. Hows that for f*$*ed up?



How can you live without out air conditioning? I would die without it. It is alright to sweat when I'm working out, but no when I'm sleeping. The worst night I ever had was on Beacon Hill (Boston) in which my friend offerred me a blanket and I said no way that would keep the heat in. It was the middle of the summer and his house had no air conitionaire and it was hot as a Turkish Prision. Needless to say I lost about 5 lbs of water through the night, but did well in golf that morning.

Have Fun in the States.

Pookie Pie said...

YAY!!!! Hopefully I shall see you while you are in town.