Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fool me once.....

An email about the $490,000 AIG execs spent on a corporate retreat at a swanky California resort just days after they got their asses bailed out by the US taxpayers got me thinking about a documentary I saw a while back on the collapse of Enron. Talk about gross corporate negligence. They should all be fired and shunned from their country clubs.

The Smartest Guys in The Room

Also thought about another documentary I saw on the (then) impending credit crisis in America. It'll rip your heart out and piss you off at the same time.

Maxed Out

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the doc said...

"Greed is good"...Gordon Gecko in movie "Wallstreet". That was fiction, or was it?

"Maxed Out" shows the dumbest people in the room...living beyond their means, and then surprised when the bills become due, plus interest, plus late fees, plus, plus, plus. Feel sorry for them, yes, but only because they are that dumb.