Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No Space 4 MySpace

I recently lost “rank” on a certain someone’s MySpace Page. This was fueled by a break-up between two friends. I was informed that this was going to occur because there had actually been a discussion about it during the breakup proceedings. Shocked and amazed that the word “myspace” would even surface in a discussion between two consenting adults over the age of 30 during a monumental relationship divide, I monitored my page to see if it was, in fact, all true. And it was. I was demoted like the bratty red headed stepchild you were forced to accept. I’ve realized before that I am way too old to care about or even have a MySpace page, but not until now did it become so abundantly clear how truly sophomoric it all is. I’m embarrassed that I ever gave into the peer pressure that prompted me to start it in the first place.

While MySpace is clearly “dead” in interactive media circles, it’s still living and breathing its pathetic life in the mainstream. Still fueling self esteem crisis’s with its rank and file systems and broadcasting it’s “you only matter if you’re included” message to the attention starved masses. Contrary to what you may think, I do believe in the power of online social networks and there ability to collect and mobilize users through a trusted reference model. I belong to some professional networks that have yielded many benefits that wouldn’t have come my way had I not “belonged”. I’ve even met people through MySpace. Touché!

I just deleted my MySpace Page altogether. No more. What’s next? Hmmm. I encourage anyone who’s over 30, well adjusted and not in need of a constant public reminder of your social status to consider doing the same. Pick up the phone or send an email if you need to stay in touch or feel free to stick with stupid bulletins, clunky site features and never-ending friend requests from lesbian hookers in Jakarta. It's your call!

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