Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Status Check

The world seems to be whizzing by me these days. I’m working very hard at my job, keeping Coal cool among other election focused impossibilities. I’ve got 2 major trips abroad quickly approaching which are feeding the late nights and work-filled weekend plans. There’s nothing really profound in the news cycle that I feel the need to speak out about. I have been reaching out romantically, and have a few fish nibbling on the hook. I recently changed the bait I use, so the test and learn strategy is in full swing. I have an exciting new business venture that’s growing legs quickly. I’m angling for the cover of Wired, but I’d settle for a local piece in The Statesman. KV is moving back from San Francisco and were gearing up for his reinvention tour. And lastly, my house is being invaded by raccoons again. I may just let them stay and charge them rent. Other than that, its life as usual.

I leave you with this photo depicting what happens when you source and buy 30 lbs of Jerusalem artichokes and send them to your grandmother who makes enough artichoke relish to last a millennium.


AmyC said...

Don't settle for the Statesman. Go Texas Monthly, at least. And if you know where the racoons are getting in, they hate mothballs. I, of course, feed all the racoons within a 2 mile radius. Cat ladies have nothin' on me. Happy fishing.

StratoCade said...

You reinvent some bigfoot contessa, hun!

the doc said...

Our homemade is better than any commercial product I have ever tasted. And, I have tasted plenty, attempting to avoid the labor intense process of preparing and canning the homade variety. Well now we are set for the foreseeable future, but I will continue to sample commercial relishes in hopes of finding a near match to the real thing.