Sunday, November 25, 2007

For Black Peits Sake

So we've been seeing this strange character in blackface all over Holland. Hes on every store window, Television commercial and street poster. He called Zwarte Pieten (Black Peit). Black Peit accompanies Sinterklaas (Santa Clause) and some people say he helps identifies bad children who will, as a result, receive rocks in their wooden shoes rather than a present or candy. Whatever he stands for, hes a white man, dressed as a clown in complete black face, afro hair and bright red lipstick on that people literally run away from. I guess it's strange to see a country still celebrate something that includes an obvious racially-motivated stereotype without racial riots and a cease and desist order from some sort of overly sensitive interest group.

Yeah I said it...!

"Black Peit loves him some candy...."

This Black Peit was grabbing my ass while I took this picture. Really.
Wanna get beat up on Halloeen?

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