Saturday, August 11, 2007

DC Delivers.....again

I’ve written about dating in DC before. I met a guy here yesterday and liked him so much I extended my stay another day so we could hang out again. It sure is nice not having to squeeze intelligent conversation out of bartenders, waiters and retail queens at least for a weekend.

He's an architect. He took me on a tour of his favorite buildings in his neighborhood last night at 2 am. He cooked me breakfast this morning. I knew it was love because there were grits on the plate.

We spent the first part of the day at the National Museum of the American Indian ,which is highly recommended , where I learned that all Indians aren't drunks who mismanage gambling revenues. Who knew? We grabbed a sandwich and went to the national gallery sculpture garden fountain and dangled our feet in the water and ate our lunch. The weather couldn't have been better, it finally cooled down to 95 degrees.

I forced Chris to email me a photo so I can use it as a reminder that there are normal, sane, accomplished, well put together gay men out there who appreciate things you cant find find in an Abercrombie catalog or in some bar after 1 am.
I invoke the dating gods to send me a replica of this gentleman in Austin. If that cant be accomplished, please permanently reduce the airfare between Austin and Washington.


the doc said...

Uncanny resemblance to Bear Grylls.

Mark N. said...

Out-of-town-architect-boyfriends are the new black.

dcmasshole said...

Oh Great, I now read that you were in DC and you did not contact me. LOL. A good thing because it was hell week for me. I'm surprised I did not see you at the newest bar in town Nellies! The gay sports bar, but the crowd really comes for the roof deck.

As for your recommendation for the American Indian Museum, I've never seen a more PC, anti-western bent. The building is beautifully designed. However, the educational value is very limited given the commercialization of the entire museum. I tell people to start from the top and work your way down because the top is more historical to commercialism.