Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Fav Home Accoutrement

I have a new favorite product in my house. It's Method's 'cut grass' air freshener. It reminds me of the mid-90's GAP unisex cologne 'Grass'. I loved that stuff so much that when I took some old clothes to Good Will a few years ago, I could still smell it on the shirts. To me there's really nothing more soothing than the smell of freshly cut grass. It reminds me of summer and always puts me in a good mood. You can buy this stuff at Target or anywhere else they sell Method products. They also have a candle in the same scent. Basically my house smells like a giant blade of grass, and I loooove it!
Other scents I think they should consider?
  1. Freshly sticken match- love that smell.
  2. Grocery Store Freezer- Open the door and inhale deeply.
  3. Hint of Gas pump Fume- Deadly but delicious!
  4. Cookin' Collard Greens- Only true southerners will appreciate it.
  5. Puppy Smell- A cross between corn chips and fresh straw.

1 comment:

the doc said...

If you come back, I can give you a chance to get the fresh-cut grass smell real quick. Not the ozone depleting aerosol stuff, but the real thing. I just got myself a good dose of it today.

Like your other smells also...they beat airplane glue...Huff, Huff, Huff.