Thursday, April 05, 2007

Britney Bites!

I'm a firm believer that only risk takers and those who think outside of the box really get ahead in this world. Recently I had some training at work on presentation delivery from a company called oratorio. In preparation for our class, we had to put together a presentation that we would be delivering for the purpose of a group critique. Mine started out as a joke... "How interactive media could save Britney spears"..but as I jumped into it, it took a turn for the better and I got serious. I delivered it to the class, and received great feedback.

So,I said why not.. dug around and found Britney's new publicist info and sent it to him. Not only did I get a call back, we are now negotiating a deal to implement and manage several of the ideas I presented.

The whole experience has reiterated several things to me:
  1. Dont be afraid to use pink background and a half-naked starlet on the first slide of your presentation. You gotta play to your audience.
  2. Oftentimes good ideas are born out of bad ones.
  3. Go Big or go home! Media is all about creativity, ideation and out-of-the box thinking. Do it!

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dcmasshole said...

What does a gay no about a half way talented person that used her sex appeal to attracted listeners!!!! LOL

No, seriously she has become redneck trash. Maybe a southern gay can save her.