Monday, March 05, 2007

Life Goes On

I’ve been suspiciously absent from my blog over the last month. No real reason. I’ve finally gotten settled into my new place. The furniture I ordered finally arrived so I feel like I have a real big boy house now. I’ll post some photos soon.

I caught a week-long quasi-deadly virus that had me hallucinating and running a high fever a few weeks ago. I felt awful. I missed work. It sucked.

I spent all last week with the CEO of my company here in Austin. Had a lot of meetings, happy hours and nice ‘Austiny’ dinners. He plugged me into some serious political movers and shakers here and I’m finding that my social calendar is filling up fast. I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I may have uncovered a huge opportunity for our agency here in town. Of course the “sure lets do business” was said after a multi-cocktail conversation, but I’m almost positive neither of us were too far gone to not remember it. I’m going to send the strategic follow up email tomorrow. Never send the “follow up” email on a Monday that’s when everyone’s playing catch-up and generally unhappy to be back at work.

The weather has finally turned here. It’s been sunny and warm most days. I love Austin when the weather is nice. I’ve started running again every night around the lake. I stopped for a long while after I came across a big ass snake stretched across the trail. After polling a few hundred people, I seem to be the only person in Austin that’s ever seen a snake on town lake trail. Well I did, and I almost stepped on it so I stopped going there. I’ve finally gotten over it, so im back.

I had a date on Friday night with a really nice guy. It all went very well until he told me he was HIV +. I’m not bothered by his status at all, but would not opt to become sexually active with him for reasons that make sense to me. He totally appreciated my candidness and I hope we can become friends. Besides, the fact is, friends are harder to come by than a piece of ***.

Keliscious will be gracing our presence this weekend for his annual birthday celebration. I’m the lucky soul who will be hosting his crazy collection of friends at my house. He’s emailed me all his demands, I’ve got them all covered….well except for the midget stripper. I’m very excited to have him back in town for a few days.

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dcmasshole said...

You are afraid of a snake. Of course the snakes down there can kill you. I do envy you because you can run outside while I have to still staying inside. However, Saturday was an exception here in DC. I was able to run around DC. We don't have snakes, but we do have the crazy homeless.

Happy Birthday to the Sassy SF Texan!!