Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Here in Limboland

Until my new place reveals itself, I�ve been playing bedroom bingo and crashing in between several friends� places. One is in a suburb of Austin called Georgetown. Georgetown is home to Sun City, and about 25,000 Christmas sweater wearing, �my kid is an honor student� touting, �watch me simultaneously drive my 2 ton SUV and talk on the cell phone� soccer moms. It�s amazing how the demographic changes proportionately to the distance from the center of Austin. To the north we have mostly the aforementioned demo. To the South, most of them don�t remember much about the 60�s and have let their now-million dollar properties fall into ruin as not to disturb the rodent and insect life cohabitating in the walls. To the East, Well�Hola Como Estas! Fiesta forever and Katrina victims/refugees/survivors/whatever they're called now. And to the west, the Californians and Nuevo dot comers have dotted the landscape with grotesquely large homes, even bigger egos and their bratty, oxycontin jacked-up kids.

Central Austin is clearly for me. It�s a mix of it all, but really mostly has retained it�s WASPY vibe. I rented a perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, then had renters remorse and cancelled the transaction. I just have a hard time throwing down 1700 a month and not getting at least a dishwasher and a walk in closet. I�m determined to find something feasible to tie me over until I find a something to buy. I�m totally working against the grain here as the government session is kicking in January so all the congressmen, lobbyist and other hanger-ons are here looking for rentals, and the landlords are very familiar with their deep pockets. I know the tide will change, I just hope it�s soon�those Christmas sweaters are looking nicer everyday and I will for sure lose my gay card if I spend one more Friday night drinking margaritas at a themed chain resturant with a 1 hour wait.


Pookie Pie said...

Ooohh... Have you gone to Cheddar's yet?!?! It's simply the "bomb-dot-com"!!!!

Jason M said...

ok.. you have officially just coined my new favorite phrase.. Da Bomb Dot Com..... Love it!

Anonymous said...

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dcmasshole said...

I would suggest anywhere near 6th Street, but I'm sure that is load of money.

StratoCade said...

Let's hope the bottom falls out of Tarrytown... In the meantime, good luck with your rental hunt.

P.s. The Katrina People are now officially referred to as "guests". Just don't ask them when they're leaving.