Thursday, November 16, 2006


THIS has got to be the most tasteless, insensitive, disgusting thing I have ever read. O.J Simpson is obviously in desperate need of attention and has decided to flaunt his legal immunity in the US public�s face and �hypothetically� describe how he would have killed his Ex-Wife and her friend back in 1994. In an even more atrocious move, Fox will air a 2 part interview on the subject with the murderer next week (Thanksgiving Week). The panoptic disregard for the victim�s families is beyond mind-boggling. For me it seriously calls into question the media�s ability to separate the rat race for ratings and common decency and decorum. If bad judgment were a crime, Fox would be as guilty as O.J is.

I hope Mr. Simpson is stashing away some of the 3.5 million dollars he was advanced for the book to help pay for his condo in hell.

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the doc said...

Wish I could write and express myself as well as you do. I was equally upset by the latest from O.J., and with Fox's decision to air the story and some publisher's decision to print the book.

Do we, in America, have no shame?

Look up psychopath in the dictionary, and you will find a picture of O.J.