Sunday, October 08, 2006

Unconscious in Conchal

SO in light of the disturbing news out of the United States last week concerning the online gaming industry that my company services, we all headed to Playa Conchal on the Pacific side to the Sol Melia for another company sponsored R&R/ Oh-Shit-Strategy session. We were supposed to be joined by our euro offices but they were grounded at the last minute. So Jen, Kim and I decided to take our life into our own hands and hop a local airline rather than drive the 4+ hours to the resort with the rest of the office. Despite being asked to step on a scale with our bags to �weigh in� when we checked in, AND being informed that the plane was too heavy for our luggage to accompany us, we took off and quasi-enjoyed the quick 30 minute trip to Tamarindo airstrip. I use �Airstrip� because there is no airport�just a single dirt runway carved out in the jungle and an open sided shed beside it. It was all very "Romancing the Stone". We landed just fine, despite our obvious concerns. As not to jinx our return flight tomorrow, Ill stop right here.

Weve been enjoying the all inclusive plan here which has obligated us to belly up to the pool bar for bottomless anything most all day long. We often take breaks to listen to madonna covers being sung in strange language translation poolside by the house band..Its well worth the confusion and slight headache youll get. Sunset cruises, massages and horseback riding in the ocean are all on the agenda. While the fate of our industry and our company are in the forefront of our minds, we couldnt be in a better place to contemplate our futures.

Proof is in the picture:

1. The View from "First Class" 2. Jen Pretending to enjoy the flight

1. Birds Eye View 2. Concorse A, Tamarindo International Airport

Sol Melia- Paradisus shines on

1. Mountain View 2. Pool cool

1. "Central Americas Largest Pool" 2. Scott and Kerri striking an aqua pose

Sunset Cruise

untouched, deserted beaches all for me

1. Rocks at low tide 2. Local Yocals

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