Monday, October 23, 2006

The Situation is as follows:

I am still sitting here with my thumb up my ass waiting for my company to restructure and mobilize itself after a major legal blow that was delivered courtesy of the United States Government a little over 2 weeks ago. All of our work has been grinded to a halt and we literally have nothing to do until we are given more direction from the big office in the sky (London). Plans have been promised by Oct 31. We have watched several of our competitors crumble under the new legislation while scrambling to find (and monetize) new markets. Of course we are all hoping this isn�t an indication of things to come on our end, but you can�t help but to think about it. I�ve had many people ask me what I think is going to happen and I�ve always supplied a suitable prediction based on the information I had to date. I�m no longer speculating about it, just when it seems I�ve got it figured out, I hear something that makes me think differently. Its extremely difficult working for a multi-national company whose key decision makers are spread across 3 continents. Getting accurate, up-to-date information across multiple time zones is never easy. Given all of the uncertainties, my colleagues and I are handling it all pretty well I think. We do have our freak out moments, but there�s comfort in numbers. The handful of us whose fates are all hanging in the balance are all well adjusted professionals who know were covered if we are forced to leave these jobs. Until then, none of us are complaining about continuously receiving our paychecks.

Because change begets change, there seems to be a lot of it going on in my life at the moment. Exactly one week ago I sent Francisco back home to live with his sister on the other side of town. This was all in an attempt to deemphasize the comfort zone my being here creates for him. While he was not �officially� living with me, the time he spent in my house greatly outnumbered the times that he did not. Contemplating a premature departure from Costa Rica is difficult enough; simultaneously feeling responsible for a 27 year old �kid� whose world revolves around me proved to be just too much. In typical Tico/Latin-machismo fashion, he took it completely the wrong way, feeling ousted and uncared for. We have not spoken one word since he left and I know unless I contact him, we won�t ever again. I miss having him here but I know until things shake out at work, I�ts better for him not to count on me emotionally (and physically)

Because Im never down and out for long� I have accomplished the following things since breaking things off with Francisco.

1. Got forced into a kiss with a straight German guy in a bathroom stall at my favorite bar.
2. I had a date with a Columbian guy named Gustavo who left Columbia for reasons he purposely didn�t expand on.
3. Re invigorated my personal ad and contacting prospective as we speak.

As you ALL should know by now�The best way to get over an ex is to get under another one!

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