Friday, October 27, 2006

Eternal Nightime of the Spotless Mind

I think im suffering from a temporary anxiety disorder.. I can�t sleep..and when I do I dream of strange things like Spiders in my pillowcases and eating Dim Sum in Chinatown with Madonna and her black baby. While im not worried about my well being in general, the effects of sitting in a professional holding pattern in a foreign country seem to be manifesting themselves nightly during the REM stage. Since all my work has been put on hold, I�ve been trying to organize my life in various ways. I signed Francisco�s walking papers, I donated a bunch of clothes to the local church mission, I got an international move quote, and activated my professional network back in the States. I�d rather be a step ahead in the process if I find out on Tuesday that the company is moving forward without the North American team.

Keeping the worst case scenario in mind�. the financial liability of shutting down my life here in Central America, moving and restarting things back in Texas could be sizable. I will lose thousands of dollars in housing costs/deposits, I�ll have to pay for an international move, Ill be made ineligible for the foreign earned income tax credit which will amount to tens of thousands of dollars in income taxes owed to the US, I have to buy a new car, find a new home, and of course secure a new gig to help pay for all of the above.

If a downsize is imminent, I hope my company does the responsible thing and properly compensates the employees affected. In my opinion international work contracts come with a social responsibility to care for the employees who uprooted their lives to serve the company�s best interests abroad. While no one could have foreseen the events that transpired that put our jobs in jeopardy, cutting us lose and not properly compensating us would just be in poor taste. I�m not sure how far matters of couth go in a public company with a billion dollar bottom line at stake but I�m about to find out in cinco dias

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