Thursday, October 12, 2006

12 O'Clock High

There was this movie from my childhood called 3 O�clock high. The plot involved a boy who had accidentally volunteered himself for a fight with the new school bully at 3:00pm in the parking lot after school. The movie centered around the boys complete mental and physical breakdown during the hours leading up to the fight. This plotline entered my cranial awareness yesterday after I received and email from my boss. Evidentially our company has decided to shut down all US operations and our CEO has asked for us all to gather at the office today at 12 noon for a �discussion�. Having been through several startup companies that barely �started up�, I know that this typically isn�t indicative of good news. Also, having the title �Online Marketing Director, North America� doesn�t bode well either. But even with that grim awareness, I remain optimistic that we will hear something good today at 12 noon. Maybe a title change to �Online Czar, Pan-Asia� or something equally as exotic would work?

Despite what happens, I feel like I�m covered. Being a typical product of the .com generation, I learned a long time ago to keep a few pokers in the fire at all times. I�ve often explained this to people as both a blessing and a curse. Not completely cutting yourself off from opportunity can sometimes affect your ability to feel settled with what you�re doing now. It�s like someone explained to me the other day about dating in LA; You knows there�s a lot more where that come from, so you keep yourself from getting attached. It can become a viscious cycle.

Like the kid in 3 O�clock high, Ill go out swinging. I didn�t move to this crime infested, underdeveloped, non-air conditioned country for nothing! Even if it was for a finite period of time, I want to go out on my own terms. Stay posted people� this should be good.


Pookie Pie said...

While I never worked for a "start up" .com, I experienced much the same with some of the construction companies I worked for. "Informational" or "Discussion" meetings rarely mean good tidings.

Good luck. I know you'll land on your feet.

Kelicious said...

It's all about the severace package, and how much shit you can steal. Can't wait to have you back in the US.

JohnInAustinTX said...

?como se dice, golden parachute?

dcmasshole said...

Good Luck, but those type of meetings never turn out well.

3 O'Clock High was a good movie. Always bring brass knuckles.